Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Blue Dragon Card of Awesomeness

One interesting perception I've found in World of Warcraft lately is that unless an item is level 70, its less than adequate. I've encountered this attitude in guild chat, trade chat and even general chat. Somewhat staggering as some of the best trinkets are from BWL, a level 60 instance.

However there is one outstanding trinket I'd like to bring your attention to, which is a level 60 epic:

With the nerf of three piece Stormrage and Transcendence bonuses, mana regeneration perhaps one of the most important stats as a healer. Its this stat which allows us to keep healing over a long time, and a trinket like this is very useful for long fights and for healers who are constantly in the 5 second rule (hello 3 stack lifebloom!). Its also quite hard to judge the effectiveness of proc based items, but hopefully my calculations below will make it easier.

Taking my stats from last nights Karazhan run (finishing off Netherspite, Prince and Chess), I can see that my Blue Dragon card procced 14 times over 33 minutes of healing. Unfortunately the Armory hasn't updated in a while, to see either of my two new helms Cowl of Natures Breath or Crown of Malorne, but I had 684 spirit fully buffed with Divine Spirit last night.

You can calculate the mana regained each proc as shown below:
Spirit formula for druids in caster form/moonkin/tree is: Spirit/4.5 + 15
684/4.5 + 15 = 167 per tick (2 seconds) * 7.5 (to get 15 seconds worth of mana regeneration)

Giving us a total of 1252.5 mana regained per proc

Using the data from the log above, 33 mins is equal to ((33 * 60) / 5) 396 five seconds intervals:
(14 * 1252.5) / 396 = 44.3 mana/5 throughout the run last night.

44.3 mana/5 is a substantial amount for any trinket, and is quite easily obtainable.

So still a very useful trinket for Tree of Life druids who have a good amount of spirit and are in the 5 second rule a lot of the time.


Phaelia said...

Wow ... adding this to my shopping list today!


Magna said...

Damnit aftereight, you found out the super secret trinket I was talking about! Delete the post now so the secret doesn't get out and it gets ruined like all good level 60 things!

Aftereight said...

Phaelia: Glad I could help :)

Haha Magna, its a shame that Ace of Beasts is the hardest card to find. I never see it on the AH, it would appear no one seems to farm UBRS on my server.

Magna said...

I farmed Beast with a rogue and a hunter from my guild. It'd be easier with like a feral druid or two rogues with you though. You can EASILY 2-3 man beast and the longest thing is sitting through the rend event. The large brilliants you get also sell pretty well, so it wasn't a bad thing to do. I did luck out though, only did it like 3 times before I got it.

erica van ostrand said...

Ya man, I use this with an alc stone all the time.

Very nice trinket that is very undervalued. Here's my calculations that I did upon getting Eye of Gruul and trying to decide which one to use.

Alar - 17 minutes, 4 procs = 6000 = 352.94/minute = 29.41 mp5
Gruul - 7 minutes, 1 proc = 1500 =214.28/minute =17.85 mp5
Void Reaver - 5 minutes, 2 procs = 3000 = 600/minute =50 mp5.
Maulgar - 4 minutes, 3 procs = 4500 = 1125/minute = 93.75 mp5

I did similar calculations with EOG to figure out its mp5 rate. No question about it; the EOG trinket only gives me 17-18mp5 + 44 healing, which is pretty minor when actually calculated. I have 800 spirit though; so my MP5 while not casting is pretty high (well over 500 while raid buffed).