Sunday, 16 September 2007

Decisions, decisions

On Friday night, we killed Gruul and I was the happy benefactor of the Cowl of Natures Breath. That is, happy until I put it on...

Why oh why did Blizzard developers decide that druidic healing items should look like a reconstituted Bloodfang set? Is it a subtle poke at our gentle loving nature? Do they think that in combat or PVP combatants will be fooled by our merciless exterior?

Why not reuse the tier 3 sets, I think everyone agreed they looked very good (except for the poor warlocks, haha it would appear there IS a price for being uber all the time).

So I am back to hiding my helmet (*shakes fist at the orange Watcher's Cowl*) and looking very priestly in my Primal Mooncloth Set. I can't wait until I eventually get my tier 4 druid helm which will proudly proclaim myself as a antlered druid in priests clothing.

However much I grumble about the raid entry leather looks, I have to say that I like the art direction Blizzard is taking with tiers 5 and 6. Apart from learning how to take down new bosses, or being with friends in the guild I have to be honest and admit that I'm quite vain and want my clothes to reflect the effort I put into raiding.

Roll on SSC, TK and beyond ^^

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